4 Ways to Effectively Design Your Business Signage

In businesses, signage helps how customers can perceive and understand your brand. Signages serve to create a point of attraction and first impression on customers, which is why investing in a signage supplier in Singapore is part of the business strategy.

Since signage also serves as a point of communication that displays what your store or brand is all about, knowing how you can create a proper design that is eye-catching is extremely vital. Here are must-know tips and ideas for new businesses when designing their own effective signage in Singapore:

1. Keep it simple

Designs for signages today ought to be simple for better readability and eye-catching. Unlike in the old times, signages today don’t need to look fancy—or even ‘noisy’ as this serves to add more unnecessary details that may hinder your customers from understanding what the signage is trying to communicate. Simple signs are often clean and attractive.

2. Design for your target audience

It’s vital that you formulate your signage design based on your target audience. Take time to consider your target’s interests and common ‘problems’ and how your brand or store can provide solutions based on their needs to catch their attention. Make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

3. Know the right location

Whether you’re working on your own or with a signage contractor in Singapore, the location where you put the sign is as vital as the design itself. Thus before you start designing your signage, take note of the location and how you will position it, whether it’s on a rooftop or behind windows. Knowing the placement spot will help you improve its visibility, whether you need LED lights or have to adjust its size.

4. Include all your business information

Regardless if you’re opting for printed signage or digital signage company, you should see that it includes all the business information your customer may need. The info often includes the company name, website, contact number, slogan and main service.

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