5 Important Factors To Consider When Buying An Air Compressor In Singapore

Air compressors are equipment that has many uses. Some are used to inflate tires in vulcanising and vehicle repair shops or to power up construction tools, such as jackhammers and drills. But perhaps, the most popular use of an air compressor in Singapore is for water supply. Air compressors help distribute the water pumped from the well around the house.

Here are the factors you should consider before purchasing an air compressor for sale in Singapore:

Air pressure

It is essential to consider air pressure when buying a silent air compressor in Singapore. It is ideal to have an air compressor with a 90 PSI or pounds per square inch for light duties. But if you are using your air compressor for heavy duties, it is advisable to buy an air compressor with more than 100 PSI.


Horsepower means the amount of work your air compressor’s motor can perform. The higher the horsepower (HP) is, the more compressed air it creates.

An industrial air compressor usually has 5 HP, whilst a portable air compressor in Singapore has 1 to 2 HP.

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

The cubic feet per minute is the volume of compressed air your air compressor produces. The CFM varies depending on the size and speed of your air compressor.

It is advisable to get an air compressor in Singapore with a 3 CFM and 90 PSI.

Tank size

A bigger tank size means a bigger and more powerful motor and pump. You will never run out of air if you have a bigger pump and motor.

On the other hand, a portable air compressor in Singapore with a smaller motor and pump gets up to pressure quicker than the larger ones.

Power source

There are different power sources for air compressors, such as electricity and fuel. Fuel gives an efficient performance, whilst electricity is more cost-effective.

Before buying that air compressor for sale in Singapore, consider these factors first.

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