A Beginner’s Guide on Spotting Fake Mens Designer Bags


With the amount of fake mens designer bags circulating the market, it pays to be aware of how to spot a counterfeit when you see one. While some are blatantly obvious, others require experience to know. Manufacturers of these imitations are working around the clock to bring the authenticity of their products as close as possible to the original ones.

Fortunately, popular manufacturers and those with experience purchasing legitimate mens designer bags are doing their best to combat counterfeit products. Over the years, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help those who are new in the market to determine, for example, an original mens clutch bag from its fake counterpart.

In this article, learn about how you can differentiate counterfeit mens designer bags from the original ones by applying these five tips. Remember that while these two groups can serve their purpose of carrying your items, you aren’t too keen about the idea of showing them to your peers. Continue reading if you are interested to learn more.

A Beginner’s Guide on Spotting Fake Mens Designer Bags

Suspicious Cost

One of the most evident aspects of fake mens designer bags is their price tag. There is no way for a legitimate seller to price their mens messenger bags at 400 AUD, knowing that authentic products are at 4000 AUD.

However, keep in mind that the price tag of mens designer bags should not be your sole factor to consider when purchasing one. Counterfeit manufacturers are working to make products that cost closer to the original ones. Therefore, be on your guard when purchasing mens shoulder bags from sellers other than official stores.

Store Location

Another clear sign you should be wary of is the location of the store. Official partner shops will always work with reputable malls or areas. You shouldn’t expect mens designer bags store near a food market nor consider purchasing one from street vendors.

If you want to be safe, go to reputable malls or search online for official stores selling authentic mens designer bags. Furthermore, there are online groups that aim to help their fellow customers avoid scams and counterfeit products.

Number of Merchandise


One sales method that most, if not all popular companies do to maintain demand for their mens designer bags is to purposefully limit the number of products that their partner stores sell at a given time. For example, a shop may only allow you to purchase a maximum of three mens messenger bags per month.

While it can seem frustrating to you as a customer, especially when you have eyes on multiple products, there is a benefit to this tactic. Scalpers, or people who resell products at ridiculously high prices, can get an entire stock of mens designer bags and offer them online. For example, these individuals may sell a mens clutch bag with a price tag of 1000 AUD for 1500 AUD, which is fifty per cent higher than their original price.

Therefore, consider a seller suspicious if they have plenty of mens designer bags, especially if the product you’re interested in is only several months old in the market. If you are a member of an online group, you can ask other members for the legitimacy of a seller before proceeding with a purchase.


Another evident sign of counterfeit mens designer bagsis their logo. There are plenty of tactics for how manufacturers create their fake product brands. The following are some examples you need to know:

  • Misspelt brand name
  • Missing details
  • Wrong detail placement

While some are noticeable, others require keen eyes and familiarity with the brand. Therefore, a buyer needs to research brand logos before purchasing mens designer bags. Additionally, consider bringing someone with you to act as your second pair of eyes on your next shopping experience.

Product Features


Aside from the aspects mentioned above, there are more details you need to be aware of that can help you differentiate fake mens designer bags from authentic ones. Continue reading the following to help you when inspecting a product:

  • Material

Leather mens designer bags should feel soft and supple instead of plastic. Additionally, the colour of its fabric shouldn’t be uneven or splotchy.

  • Stitching

Authentic mens designer bags should have even stitches. If there are loose or missing stitches in a product, it is most likely a counterfeit.

  • Label

Generally speaking, most authentic mens designer bags will have labels that say they are from Italy or other locations. While some counterfeit products follow this feature, others will have countries like Taiwan or China. Avoid these items if you don’t like purchasing fake merchandise.

  • Authenticity

Depending on their manufacturer, mens designer bags may have documents informing you of their authenticity. However, others do not follow this method. Therefore, research which brands do this before purchasing products from online sellers.

  • Styling

Counterfeit vendors may attempt to sell you mens designer bags with clear signs of being fake. They may claim that these designs are rare and worth the price. However, research on the available styles should help you avoid scams.

With these tips and tricks, you should be able to distinguish between fake mens designer bags and their authentic counterparts. However, never forget to research your product before agreeing to a deal. This guide serves as a general manual to help you get an overview of how to determine counterfeit items. Each brand has its differences in informing its customers regarding its authenticity.


There are plenty of risks for first-timers when purchasing mens designer bags. Counterfeit manufacturers are spending significant effort to close the gap between their merchandise and those from popular brands. Therefore, you need to learn about the general guidelines for determining fake merchandise.


However, while these tips can help you avoid most counterfeit mens designer bags, you shouldn’t stop your research at this article. Popular brands have their own rules in differentiating a fake from an authentic. Look online on how to distinguish the features of a legitimate item to help you avoid scams.


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