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Regardless of sex, race, age, and social status, love comes out of the blue. It can happen to anyone at any time and anywhere, and the best way to express words that cannot come out of the mouth is to get fresh flowers and send them via delivery in Singapore.

Your message will get across to the girl you like as long as you choose the right flowers after a few clicks. Even though giving flowers is already an old tradition, it is still an ongoing practice in many cultures for various occasions.

Besides using flowers to court someone, most brides get bouquets and floral decorations for their wedding from a reliable florist. Having fresh blooms can make any day more memorable than it is.

Thus, you should give the right fresh flowers to the girl you are courting so you can finally hear her sweet yes anytime soon. If this is your first time buying flowers online, take note of the tips below, as they will ease your search and purchasing process.

A Guide For A Clueless Guy: 13 Tips For Buying Fresh Flowers

1. Be Mindful Of Where You Order

If you are familiar with the expectation versus reality meme, you should know that it can also happen when buying flowers online.

Even though the ones you choose from the product catalogue have already bloomed, some online floral shops that sell flowers are not still in the bud. These kinds of flowers take more time before each petal fully blooms.

2. Sending Meaningful Flowers

Before getting fresh flowers via delivery in Singapore, send flowers according to their meanings. Doing so will make your gift more meaningful and memorable for the recipient.

Here are some of the flowers and the meanings they symbolise.

3. Expand Your Choice Beyond Roses

Even though roses are the most popular flower seen in many series and movies, that does not mean they are the best choice for courting. Besides the flowers mentioned above, there are over 400,000 types of flowers across the globe. You will be limiting your options if you do not expand your choices beyond roses.

4. Learn Little About Your Girl

One of the best ways to know which fresh flowers you should get for delivery in Singapore is to learn more about the girl you like. Besides knowing the colour she loves, comprehending who they are will help you choose which flowers suit them the most.

5. Add A Note With The Flowers

Before finalising your order and paying for the fresh flowers, consider asking the florist to add a note. It does not matter if it is handwritten or printed since adding a letter gives the bouquet a more personal touch. When the girl you like has seen this, expect them to become more happy and excited about reading it.

6. Know Whether the Flowers Are In Season

Singapore may only have two seasons throughout the year, but online flower shops often get flowers from other parts of the world to accommodate the needs of their customers.

The problem, however, is that most flowers are seasonal. The flowers you may have chosen might be available only in a specific month. Consider double-checking that rather than disappointing yourself later on.

7. Decide Which Flower Arrangements

When it comes to flower arrangements, there are several options available. A bridal bouquet in Singapore is not the only thing you can get for the girl you like. If you want something more unique, consider getting flowers in a floral box, mason jar, or hot air balloon.


8. Do Price Comparison

Even though flowers are relatively cheaper than other luxurious items, that does not mean you will not perform a price comparison. Comparing prices will help you save up and have more budget when you need to buy fresh flowers next time.

9. Respect The Culture Of Your Girl

Since Singapore is a country with a diverse culture, there is a high chance the girl you like might not have the same culture as you. Regardless of their belief, you need to respect them, so they will appreciate your efforts more and give you their sweet yes.

10. Navigate Around The Online Floral Shop Website

Did you miss attending the graduation ceremony of the girl you like? You can make up for it by sending graduation flowers in Singapore. Remember that floral shops offer various types of flowers depending on the event, which is why you should consider navigating around their website to know your options.

11. Find Out The Flower Delivery Date

Another thing you need to check when ordering flowers online is the delivery date. Will the flower shop deliver the fresh flowers you ordered from them? The delivery date will be the same as the ordering date if you choose express delivery. That means the flower shop will deliver the flowers as soon as possible.

The problem, however, is that express delivery often comes with extra fees. Make sure to double-check that before finalising your order and settling your payments.

12. Read Customer Reviews

If you have not bought any fresh flowers via delivery in Singapore from that flower shop, you need to read the customer reviews to get more invaluable insight. The feedback from customers can give ideas on what kind of flower shop they are and how fresh the flowers they sell are.

13. Review The Delivery Address

Most of all, do not forget to review the delivery address. Some guys often type the wrong address due to their nervousness about sending flowers to the girl they like. If you do not want that to happen to you, double-check whether or not you have typed in the correct delivery address.

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