Do I Repair My Compressor Myself or Do I Call Professional Repairer?

As soon as you’ve invested in an air compressor for your house or company you may ask yourself, “What occurs if my compressor requires service? Needs an oil change? filter adjustment?” Air compressors are created as well as developed for ease of upkeep so that upkeep tasks can be done by the consumer often. Keeping your air compressor can save you money, time, as well as raise the lifespan of your unit.

The first thing to keep in mind prior to executing any kind of upkeep tasks on your compressor is to read your operator’s handbook. The manual will offer useful suggestions on keeping your compressor effective, as well as will lead you to the appropriate area of tubes, filters, and so on. Poorly preserving your compressor or using self-made products to repair your system may lead to a gap warranty if not done correctly.

When maintaining an air compressor, preventative maintenance is necessary for restricting any common issues you might experience. Several of amongst the most common preventative maintenance methods are:

  • Cleaning consumption vents
  • On a regular basis examining tubes for rust or damages
  • Ensuring all bolts are tight
  • Monitoring and altering air filters
  • Cleaning the heat exchangers
  • Checking as well as altering oil and oil filters


When Should I Allow a Professional Service My Compressor?

While the above-mentioned preventative jobs can usually be managed by the customer, some solutions, as well as a lot of repair work are better off being taken care of by a specialist service technician. Rotating screw compressors as a whole can be more difficult than piston compressors to keep, specifically once they get to higher hours, or 8,000+. The following problems must usually be dealt with by a professional repair firm, such as fluid-aire dynamics:

Any kind of electrical problems. Always have a certified electrical expert install/troubleshoot

Drain/valve removal on larger devices: If all air isn’t drained pipes from the storage tank, surge can occur

Motor issues: if utilizing an electric device, the capacitors can still be charged, causing injury

Pressure switch repair: It is really common to blunder a check shutoff concern for a pressure button issue. You don’t want to remove as well as replace a pressure switch if it is not essential

The key to a reliable air compressor is doiing regular preventative upkeep. The money, as well as the power you save by executing normal upkeep tasks on your device, will pay returns in the extended lifespan of your equipment. If you run into critical issues with your maker that needs to be dealt with by a technician, reach out to your local distributor/service place to configure a service call as well as have your device safely repaired.