How the helium 10 helps in your amazon business?

To make a significant and successful seller on Amazon, simply listing the products on site is not sufficient; there is the need to make sure that your selling products are a step ahead of the competitor and ranked at the top of Google. 

In this guide on helium Amazon, we will check how the helium 10 helps to boost the monthly sales volumes and list your products at the top. 

What is helium 10?

Helium 10 is the famous Amazon seller tool that is available today. It is considered the listing optimization tool that is evolved into an ecommerce growth platform with millions of users in the world. 

This tool is perfect for those who are planning to start their Amazon-based business. It is known as an invaluable tool for the existing sellers on Amazon who are facing troubles while unlocking the full potential of the product listings. 

How the helium 10 helps you?

When you start using helium 10 in your business, it will give you access to huge tools. Followings are the tools that are provided by helium 10 to boost the sales business on Amazon. 

  • Amazon index monitoring
  • Fraud prevention
  • Keyword research tools
  • Competitor research
  • Sales analytics
  • Refund management 
  • Inventory protection
  • Refund management, and many more. 

How to use the helium 10

Here we are going to tell you the ways to use Helium 10. Read out the following steps and boost your business with the helium 10. 

  • Sign up for your helium 10 account

First, you have to register your account to begin the selling business by using different tools. Click the sign-up button, type your email id and the password, and go through the email verification steps. 

  • Set the chrome extension

You can set the helium 10 chrome extension free of cost. This extension acts like the auto pop-up guide that you have to enable while browsing on the Amazon marketplace. 

It will give you essential information on the product, such as the sales history on a monthly basis, glance data summaries, product review analytics, ranking, keyword search terms, etc. 

  • Boost your knowledge with the pro training videos

You can quickly learn about the helium 10 tools by watching the detail and the pro training videos. You can quickly get access to a lot of videos that tell you about the Amazon selling strategies and selling-related tasks. 

In this way, you can also understand how the helium 10 works and how to use the helium 10 to boost the selling business on Amazon. 

  • Take the freedom ticket course. 

For the new users of the helium 10,  we are recommended you go through the freedom ticket course, which covers every detail on the way to set up and manage the amazon business. 


This article tells you about the way to use the best amazon selling tool, helium 10. Hope you learn how helium 10 is beneficial in your business.