How to Become a Credit Card Processing Reseller: White Label Options

how to become a payment processing company

If you decide to become an ISO and start selling merchant processing services under your own brand name, you may be able to expand your business. You may first dismiss the idea because you doubt you have the resources or expertise to launch a payment processing business. On the other side, all you need is a dependable ISO partner to implement white label payment processing. So how to become a payment processing company? Here is the white label option for you.

What Goes Into Making a “White Label” ISO Programme

The ISO partner you engage with will provide you access to an online application page that hides their own company so that you may offer payment processing services under your own brand. Your company’s name, colours, and contact details are already included into this “white label” solution. As a consequence, your merchants will think of the payment solutions as belonging only to you. It clears up any confusion your merchant clients may have had about who should be their primary point of contact and source of services. Your brand’s name and logo are all the merchant will see on your website, merchant portal, and other promotional materials.

White labelling may help you avoid costly costs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Involve the merchants and the sub-agents you deal with in the creation of your branded statements and applications. Application forms, statements, online enrolment forms, and merchant and partner portals may all be customised to include your business’ name and brand instead of the payment processor’s.

Credit Card Processing: How to Get Started

Programme for White Label Partners Details

If you want to take your business to the next level, becoming a white label payment processor is the first step. You may be a suitable fit for the SMG ISO agent programme if you have a strong sales background and a lot of expertise in the sector of payment processing, or if you are an ambitious and driven professional looking for a new challenge. Our white label merchant services plan has a commision structure that is competitive with other programmes in the industry, guaranteeing you a fair wage for your efforts.

Distributor Access Portal

Our partner site is the most modern in the industry, and as a result, you will have access to cutting-edge tools including online enrolment, training sessions, marketing materials, and the ability to stay ahead of the competition with breaking news and exclusive offers.

White Label DBA Programme (Registered)

Thanks to our scheme, you won’t have to shell out a tonne of cash to sell under your own label. Numerous venues, including the partner website, promotional materials, and merchant statements, will include your company’s name and logo.


It’s considerably less difficult to persuade businesses to adopt a new processing strategy when the barrier of the cost of the equipment can be quickly jumped over. This will eliminate a lot of hassle for you. In order to transfer processing providers, this scheme will allow you to provide your clients with free POS terminal equipment. Customers will appreciate the convenience, and your company’s conversion rate will increase as a consequence.

And exploring the pathway of how to start a credit card processing company? Begin with a comprehensive industry study. Decipher regulatory requisites, engineer a robust financial infrastructure, cultivate alliances with banks, and underscore rigorous security measures. Prioritize seamless user experiences and innovative solutions for a successful venture launch.