How To Choose The Ideal Men’s Dress Shirt

The men’s social shirt is an excellent choice whether in the work routine, formed by several meetings, or even in social or night events. However, in addition to evaluating the design, you also need to analyze several other factors, such as fabric and length.

This content will check out five basic precautions you should take before buying your next men’s long sleeve dress shirt. In this way, it is possible to invest more assertively in the right pieces to work with, an essential factor for a more comfortable and less stressful routine.


It is not difficult to find options for men’s dress shirts that guarantee a good fit. It is necessary to bet on an option that is neither too tight nor too wide. A quick way to check this is to look at the side seam, which should always be straight.

This trick is valid for traditional dress shirts. For example, if you are interested in slim, it is essential to keep in mind that it is naturally more adjusted to the body and a little shorter; but, even so, it is worth noting if the seam remains straight when wearing it.


The tip for the collar is the same for the shirt in general: neither too tight nor too loose. It is recommended to do the test with the first button lost and buttoned. Also, see if there is room to place a finger between the shirt and the neck.


Another point that deserves attention is the shoulders. The seam should end precisely in this region. If it’s higher up, it may be small and tight. But if it is lower, it is a sign that it is comprehensive and, therefore, will give the impression of slumped shoulders. By choosing the wrong size, you run the risk of gaining a sloppy and poor posture.


The men’s dress shirt with very long sleeves falls over the hand and gets in the way of everyday life and the handling of some objects. On the other hand, the short ones give the impression that the clothes have shrunk. To avoid this, know that the shirt cuff should be at the forearm’s end and the hands’ beginning. Thus, the wrist bone can help you with this, as this is where the piece should be.


The width of the waist also deserves attention. Try on your men’s dress shirt with pants and a belt to visualize the fit. If there’s a lot of fabric on the sides, it’s too wide. If the buttons are pulled, with the impression that they will burst, it is a sign that it is tight.


Finally, assess whether the length of the men’s dress shirt is appropriate. To do this, take the garment out of the pants and see if enough fabric is left to cover the belt. If so, it’s a sign that she has the ideal size. It is essential to avoid long lengths, as it will take work to put inside the pants and can be marked.