Make Your Company Uniform Customised Printed T Shirts

Suits and formal business wear are a thing of the past nowadays. Many businesses are adopting the casual office dress trend. Customised corporate shirt and workwear printing have become increasingly popular due to this trend. Employees may market their firm by wearing customised workwear. Apart from advertising, there are various reasons to provide your employees with customised t-shirts as uniforms.

5 Merits of Printed Personalised Shirts in Your Workplace

Opting to let your employees have the freedom to dress more comfortably can get in the way of your company image. Providing them with company printed t shirts as a uniform can ease some of those worries. Here are five of the most notable merits of providing them with company shirts.

#1 Fosters Unity & Trust

Uniforms foster trust and loyalty among employees as well as inside the business. Custom t shirts for all staff will ensure that everyone is on the same page. The teams will feel more bonded because they will be wearing the same uniforms with the corporate emblem every day.

#2 Offers Representation

Many groups inside large organisations do not have contact daily. Make a plan for a custom uniform like a t shirt by printing your company logo or your Singapore brand. Custom clothing allows them to get to know one another and as conversation starters at gatherings and occasions.

#3 Promotes Fun and Creativity

T-shirts are among the most popular and comfortable clothing items among men and women of all ages. You can give your staff a few choice colours that they can alternately wear out. Encourage your teams to play a mix-and-match game to lighten the tone and atmosphere. Each department in your company can play a mix-and-match game.

#4 Unique T Shirt Styles

T-shirts are informal attire, and many organisations currently encourage employees to dress casually. There are a variety of t-shirt styles to pick from, including polo, v-neck, and more. Allow your staff to dress casually and bring more creativity to their job with their corporate shirt by printing their suggested designs.

#5 Solicit Their Design Suggestions

The most crucial component of designing customised t-shirts is t shirt design. When it comes to bespoke clothes, inspirational phrases and witty designs are too commonplace. While your employees are free to dress casually at work, provide something equally comfortable and warm. You can encourage them to suggest t-shirt designs to give them a better sense of identity.

Do not look at corporate t shirt printing for your Singapore employees as a marketing ploy. It should also benefit your staff. Ensuring your employees are happy with their work environment can also bring your business success.


7 Factors for Choosing the Right Printing Company

You have decided to provide your employees with casual uniforms by putting your company logo on printed t-shirts. The next step is deciding on the corporate t shirt supplier and printing services in Singapore. Here are seven factors to keep in mind to help you decide on the right choice.

#1 Quantity

How many t-shirts would you like printed? Some businesses only produce bespoke shirts in large numbers. Depending on your requirements, you may want to ensure that the firm offers a range of clothing alternatives. It will provide you and your employees with varied corporate shirt and logo printing choices. If your needs extend beyond simple tee shirts, you’ll want to see if the company can print caps, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, and other items in addition to tees.

#2 Print Designer

It might be tough to have particular logos or photographs printed on shirts. Ask the appropriate inquiries about the company’s printing capabilities. If possible, pay attention to how they imprint their tees because this will reveal a lot about their ability. Some t-shirt firms will need a CD with your design, while others may require print-ready files.

#3 Timeline

You and your printer might have a different timeline for your order. Some t shirt printing company in Singapore will ask you to give them a specific number of days to finish your order. You should constantly double-check their lead times before proceeding with a company for your printed shirt. It may also save you a day or two by arranging to pick up your order if the printer is close to you.

#4 Prices

Always talk about the cost upfront. Before your personalised corporate shirt orders go into printing production, you need to know how much you are paying for your order. Shirts bought at rock-bottom costs are likely to be of poor quality. Choosing a reliable provider that charges industry-standard fees is typically the best option. If an offer appears too good to be true, it often is.

#5 Customer Reviews are Crucial

Look for a t shirt printing company in Singapore that provides one-on-one customer care and is willing to help over the phone or in person. A professional t-shirt shop will want to know what you want on your shirts and how many you want. You should hunt for another organisation if they are unconcerned about these requirements.

#6 Return Policy

Before you place a purchase, be sure you understand the company’s return policy. It will assist you in determining whether or not the organisation is capable of performing your project. You should be able to negotiate a refund with the corporation upfront if there is any mistake in your corporate shirt order and its printing.

#7 Feedbacks

A reputable t shirt printing company in Singapore will always have a solid reputation. People who have used their services in the past will have nothing but good things to say about them. If you see a personalised shirt that appeals to you and sticks out, you should inquire about where they got the shirt from or if they can share who their printer is. Maybe the company is just what you are looking for in your corporate shirt printing service.

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