Parqel offers smooth sailing on the shipping process

Shipping products to customers, whether domestically or globally, can be a complex undertaking for any business owner. There are a lot of steps to figure out and master to make the process smooth, safe, and profitable.

Business owners who use supply-chain providers to get their products to consumers must do their research before selecting the right third-party shipping or order fulfillment company to partner with.

Before Shipping

At Parqel, a leader in order fulfillment and third-party shipping for individuals and companies, customers can count on getting quality, expert shipping service, and recommendations based on their needs.

Before any product is shipped to its destination, Parqel, owned by Viofree Inc., puts a host of protocols in place. Once products or packages are delivered to the company, those items are processed and labeled.

This inventory management stage ensures that customers don’t lose items, which results in revenue loss. “We understand how important it is to manage inventory and process incoming and outgoing deliveries,” the company states on its website at

Like Parqel, Nybox, which focuses on mail and package forwarding services, also tracks packages it ships. This tracking system allows customers to keep an eye on the status of each package they are expecting.

Nybox also routinely provides insurance for all packages. And it offers additional insurance for customers who want more protection.

Network of carriers

Parqel relies on a network of carriers to get packages to customers. “Our connections with our vendors and customers are all designed to be beneficial to all participants,” the company says on its website.

The company also offers customers who deal in bulk shipments the option to use drop shipping as a way to save money. With drop shipping, a carrier drops the load, which is in a trailer, and staff unloads the items when they are needed or when space is available. Dropshipping makes for a more efficient operation at the company’s facilities.

Shipito, which concentrates on shipping packages to overseas customers, uses several shipping carriers, including DHL, UPS, and USPS. Shipping providers vary by country and the location of its warehouses.

At Viabox, a global package forwarding company, customers choose from a variety of shipping carriers. They including UPS, DHL, and Aramex. Customers make their selection of carriers when they check out after shopping.

Nybox uses carriers including DHL and FedEx to ship packages to their customers.

No shipping allowed

While most items can be shipped domestically or internationally, third-party shipping suppliers and carriers are banned from forwarding some items. Customers can find the lists of banned items on the website of the company they use for shipping services.

Shipito and Viabox point out on their websites that export restrictions vary in different countries and that the rules and conditions of each shipping provider will apply to any packages shipped to them.
Restricted items or banned items include alcohol, perishable foods, radioactive materials, dirt, prescription drugs, tactical equipment, poison, hazardous materials and dangerous goods, weapons, and lithium batteries.

While Parqel does not prohibit shipment of any items, the company points out that carriers, as well as law enforcement agencies, have lists of the restricted items. The company recommends that customers refer to the lists to make sure that no banned items are included in the packages they need to be shipped.