The Most Important Uses Of Tungsten

Tungsten is a chemical element that was discovered and isolated around the year 1782. Although it cannot be found isolated in its natural state, but rather in the form of minerals, the uses and applications of this chemical element have been of great importance. for the development of humanity.

As An Additive To Make Some Important Alloys

Tungsten is essential to create metal alloys that allow the development of artifacts of important use in industry. These alloys, electrodes, electric cables, electronic contacts, filaments, etc., are made. The use of each of these materials has allowed incredible technological advances. Alloys made with tungsten also stand out for being resistant to high temperatures. For this reason, they are used to manufacture electronic equipment, vehicle parts, drilling and excavation machines, space missiles, resistances for electric furnaces, etc.

Uses Of Tungsten In The Manufacture Of Magnets

Tungsten such as Tungsten Soft Scrap Recycling is an ideal metal for making magnets due to its ability to preserve magnetic fields. Magnets made from this material have multiple uses in the technology industry since they allow the operation and creation of devices.

Uses Of Tungsten In Medicine

Tungsten is used in the manufacture of anodes for X-ray tubes. Undoubtedly, these rays are essential in medicine. They allow pathologies, abnormalities, injuries, or any problem in our body to be detected in time, facilitating timely diagnosis and treatment.

Uses Of Tungsten In Renewable Energies

As a material to generate hydrogen photoelectrochemically. At present, efforts have multiplied to manufacture new compounds and materials that allow the effective use of renewable energy. One of the most used techniques to take advantage of solar energy is photoelectrochemical decomposition, which seeks to obtain clean energy to store and use. Tungsten has proven to be an effective material for carrying out this type of reaction.

Uses Of Tungsten In Construction

To build harder metals or cemented carbides. Essential tools are made from alloys including nickel, tungsten, or cobalt for drilling construction projects. This is because tungsten is denser and stronger than steel or titanium. In this sense, said metal is mainly used in mining and metallurgy. These new alloys are also used in tools and parts such as drill bits.

Tungsten In Steel Making

The addition of tungsten strengthens the steel during its manufacture. This metal can increase the hardness and strength of steel. Tungsten is the main alloying component in steel used to make tools and construction. Tungsten steel alloys are used to cut and fabricate metal components.