Transporting A Motorcycle Across Cities – Which Is the Best Way?

Are you flying cross country for a ride vacation? Are you relocating to another city to join your new job? Are you looking to transport a motorcycle you just purchased from a vendor who does not live in your city?

If any of this is your situation and you are planning to ride the bike yourself for long distances, you must know that travelling on motorcycles across cities can be:

  • Very tiresome.
  • Dangerous, for you and your bike both.
  • Really expensive.
  • Firstly, because you will need fuel refills to cover a large distance.
  • Secondly, your bike may suffer more damages while riding which will add up to the repair cost.
  • Thirdly, for very long distances, you will also have to arrange for accommodation mid-ways because you cannot drive for days at a stretch.
  • Lastly, cost of meals will add up to this amount too.

So, how do we do it then? We can either transport it ourselves using a trailer of our own or we hire an auto transport company at a cost to do the work for us.

If you plan to do it on your own, remember that apart from the trailer, you will also need a ramp to load and unload your bike, straps and tie-down to fix it to the trailer, and chocks for the protection of front wheels. Buying all these can be pretty expensive and hence it is best to ship it. You can still get some peace of mind if your delivery partner is reliable and provides excellent post-shipping services to keep you on track.

You can choose to transport a motorcycle with Ship a Car, Inc. It is a top-rated company that will carry your motorcycle in a safe closed trailer. Their drivers are experienced and the company provides insurance for in-transit damages. The best part is that they have an excellent customer support, both before and during the transit.

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How to get your motorcycle ready for shipping?

Before you give away your vehicle for shipping, you can follow some steps to prepare your bike in advance to make the process easier and hassle free:

  • Clean your bike thoroughly. Yes, we understand that you must be thinking of cleaning it once it is delivered to you, but cleaning it before handling is also important.
  • Once your bike is nice and clean, make a list of any existing scratches and dents so that you are aware of new ones that are incurred during the transit.
  • Do not leave the tank full as it increases the total weight of the vehicle, instead keeping the tank full to 1/4th capacity is ideal.
  • This will leave you with ample gas to carry out loading, unloading, and driving to the gas station upon delivery without the affecting the weight.
  • Remove any valuables including your helmets form the motorcycle.

You must practice caution and hand over your motorcycle only to a reliable shipping company because no matter if our bikes are old or new, we will always adore them and we do not want them to incur any form of damage.