What you need to know about TradingView charts

Scoring profit in the stock market is not easy, and with a wide array of charting tools available today, traders need the right platform to figure out the most promising investment opportunities. TradingView charts are an exceptional trading tool with a fantastic user interface, superior charting experience and lightning-fast chart updates. In this article, we will explain the basics of TradingView charts and how they can help traders make informed trading decisions.

Why TradingView Charts are Essential for Stock Trading

TradingView comes with a simple user interface that makes navigating charts easy. Conventional charting tools are not tailor-made for traders, and their often-overloaded interface can be confusing, with too many indicators dragging down trader productivity. A great advantage that TradingView has over other tools is that users have access to a full suite of drawing tools and indicators that allow traders to customize their charts to suit their stock trading techniques.

How TradingView Charts can help you make informed trading decisions

TradingView comes with great charting tools to read market patterns and make informed decisions. By looking at charts, traders can determine consolidation intervals, support, and resistance zones to determine entry and exit points. TradingView charts also record user sessions, allowing users to measure their strategies’ success over time.

Understanding the Basics of TradingView Charts

TradingView has a suite of charting tools and features, including easy-to-use drawings, indicators, and access to historical data. Traders can customize their charts by adding custom indicators and trading strategies to gather more insights into the market. Further, traders can share their charts on social media to gain more exposure and recommendations from other traders.

How to Customize your Trading View Chart for Optimal Use

Customizing TradingView chart is the best way for traders to optimize clarity and productivity. One of the customization features is that traders can alter the chart background to suit their preferences by clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon on top of the chart. They can also scroll to ‘General’ and click on ‘Chart style.’ Traders can also change the chart type to suit their trading strategies. There are stock charts, intraday charts, and index charts. To add indicators to TradingView charts, traders can visit the ‘Indicators’ tab and choose from more than 100 pre-built custom indicators or customizable creation tools.

How to Use TradingView Charts for Stock Analysis

Technical analysis is crucial to many traders in the stock market. TradingView charts come with a wide array of charting tools to ensure traders can perform this analysis efficiently. The platform allows traders to view support and resistance levels to pick the right entry and exit points of a trade. Traders could also analyze chart patterns that signify bullish and bearish trends by adding trend lines, candlesticks, pivot points, and moving averages. This would enable them to pick the right trade direction.

Using TradingView Charts for Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis helps traders determine the intrinsic value of a stock and assess the company’s financial health. TradingView’s charting tools can aid in this analysis process by providing historical data on dividends, earnings, and market capitalization. Traders must ensure that they understand the Company’s financial statements and news releases to make informed decisions based on the trading charts.

Advanced Trading Techniques with TradingView Charts

TradingView Charts provides more than 100 pre-built indicators and trading tools to accommodate traders with diverse trading techniques. These pre-built indicators include the Relative Strength Index, Moving Average, Stochastic, and Fibonacci retracements. Traders could also use custom indicators to meet their individual needs. TradingView provides a platform where traders can create custom indicators, and share with other traders.

Utilizing TradingView Alerts for Efficient Trading

Traders could use TradingView alerts to keep track of stocks and currencies of particular interest. Traders could customize the alert settings to reflect a specific price or technical indication at which they would like to buy or sell. Alerts could be delivered via email or mobile notification. Mobile notifications, in particular, could be useful for traders who need to stay alert to market dynamics.


TradingView charts offer the perfect trading platform for traders who need reliability. With its user-friendly interface, great charting tools, and customization features, traders can find accurate market indicators to make informed trading decisions. By using this guide, traders can unlock the full potential of TradingView charts to develop advanced trading techniques. This will give them a competitive edge over other traders in the stock market.