Your Guide to How Maltese Permanent Residence Programme is the Best Option

Have you ever wondered why Malta attracts entrepreneurs from across the world? MPRP or Malta Permanent Residency Programme allows non-Europeans to live in the country permanently and benefit from the business, security, travel and enhanced living standards. With MPRP, you can jumpstart your lifestyle on the island with no tedious renewals. It also does not require any minimum stays in Malta. Let’s find out how obtaining a permanent residency on the island can be a wise investment for your family.

Family Security 

Permanent residency in Malta is the best option to live in one of the safest destinations on the earth. Several World Risk and other international reports reveal that Malta is at almost no risk of earthquakes and other natural disasters. This European country is also known for having the lowest crime rate. You and your family can access leading healthcare institutions and benefit from a world-class education.

MPRP provides you with the Permanent Residency status for a lifetime for your children even after they reach adulthood, with no need to reply again. You and your family can invest in various real estate options and remain confidential due to no publication of the names.


Maltese residency allows you to grow progressively in a politically stable European country. It lets you enjoy moderate winters and the warm summers of the island. Malta has two official languages, English and Maltese, that make communication easy for everyone. Maltese residency allows you to settle down with an opportunity-rich lifestyle and take advantage of infinite options of profitable investments in real estate. Malta has a pollution-free setting where you get the freedom to reside, study, work, and run a business in more than 23 EU countries after obtaining a Long-Term Residency after five years of acquiring Malta Permanent Residence under MPRP.

Travel and Business

Becoming a Maltese resident will provide you with ease of visa-free traveling to more than 26 European Schengen countries for a long time. You can travel with no conflict with your underlying citizenship. Besides the ease of travel, Maltese residency allows you to spread your business operations in the fast-growing economy of European Union countries.